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The Greek Artist Painter Alexis Vlachos was born in 1972 in Larissa. He attended the first painting lessons in the workshop of Nikos Samaras. In 1992 he was admitted with a Scholarship to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Lecce, in Italy, as well as, Schools of Fine Arts in both Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece.

He chose and studied at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the period between 1992-1998 with professor Vangelis Dimitreas, while with a Scholarship in 1996 he continued his studies at the Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona with Professor J. Chancho Cabre.
He has actively participated in numerous Team and Solo Exhibitions in Greece and abroad, presenting various collections of his works.

As an Artistic Identity, Alexis Vlachos' creations deal mainly with the female body, as a carrier, transmitter and receiver of emotions, which absorbs and redistributes the intensity and energy of creation.

Through painting and engraving technique on metal, emotions of pain, sorrow, passion and love are captured and manifested through dynamic body poses, full of tension, with axes that intersect the naked bodies at a meeting point and conflict in a constant search with a transcendence of structures.
His imaginary is often dark, juxtaposing harsh lines with the sinuous forms of the body. He employs splashes of colors contingent with the flesh and blood of the body, using rich reds in tandem with the warm tones.

It often undermines stereotypical religious Iconography, depicting crosses as obstacles, religious figures as guardians while paying homage to the woman as a concept and as an existence of admiration and awe and especially in front of the miracle that has the image of a woman’s naked body and its offerings as a structure of power, beauty and harmony. In this anonymous and idiosyncratic way, compositions with other needs of rhythm, postures, form, nature and space are rendered.Θέατρο-Vault-640x640.jpg
Apart from his artistic career, Alexis Vlachos has many years of experience in the teaching field, as he has taught at the Educational Programs of the Municipality of Athens as well as the College of Fine Arts, etc.

Since 2004 and until today, he is the Founder and Artistic Director of the “En Technon” Art Workshop in Athens, where he teaches Painting – Free and Linear Drawing, with special emphasis on candidates for the Schools of Architecture and TEI, while he specializes in the proper preparation for the Schools of Fine Arts in Greece and abroad.
Team Εxhibitions:
• 1992: French Institute of Larissa, Greece
• 1995: Heineken Art, Thessaloniki International Exhibition, Greece
• 1997: Exhibition of Young Artists, Villadecans, Spain
• 1997: Facultad de BellasArtes, Barcelona, Spain
• 1997: Nueva Galleria, Madrid, Spain
• 1999: Exhibition in the context of the celebration of the Hellenic Air Force, Greece (where his work was awarded), Tatoi, Athens, Greece
• 2003: Exhibition of Young Artists (Ε.Ε.Τ.Ε.), Gazi, Athens, Greece
• 2005: Exhibition of Young Artists, ''Leaks'', Athens, Greece
• 2005: Works depot, Art City Michalarias, Greece
• 2007: The Odyssey within, New York, USA
• 2013: TAF the art foundation, “Love Letters To Chaos”, Athens, Greece
• 2014: Oionos Gallery, Karditsa, Greece
• 2018: SoufariSeraΪ, Ioannina, Greece
• 2019: Multi-Cultural Center, Machine Shop, Patra, Greece
Solo Εxhibitions:
• 2001: Metopi Gallery, Athens, Greece
• 2010: Ermoupolis, Syros, Greece
• 2014: Vault Theater, Athens, Greece «Sarkinos Logos»

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